Bless the Nation 50 Days of Prayer: Day 37

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Welcome to Day 37 of the ‘Bless the Nation 50 Days of Prayer.’ Today’s devotional comes from Dave Turner, who is Karoo sheep farmer and part of the leadership of the Karoo Mighty Men Conference. Dave shares a powerful story out of Uganda regarding the practical application of prayer and then prays specifically for our spiritual leaders to mobilise the Church to pray.

Devotional by Dave Turner

Hi, my name is Dave Turner. I am a sheep farmer here in the Karoo and have been involved with the intercession for the Karoo Mighty Men Conference.

Over the last few months, it has become clear that God is speaking a simple message to all of us Christians in South Africa. And that message is “Its’ Time – To Pray! It’s Time – To Pray.” That is quite easy to understand, but knowing how to go about it is where we often fall short. So, I would like to share a quick testimony that I believe will help us all in responding practically to this message.

In November last year I attended the prayer conference in Bloemfontein which gave birth to IFSA and this 50 Days of Prayer. The main speaker at this conference was a man of God from Uganda, Uncle Laban Jjumba. Uncle Laban shared his story of how around 40 years ago God called him to move to one of the most violent suburbs in Kampala. This suburb was so well known for violence, crime, gangs and drugs that all his family & friends tried to stop him. God led him to do two things: Firstly, to prayer-walk streets, buildings, areas and even the entire perimeter of the suburb, and secondly to set up a place of prayer in the middle of the suburb where regular, faithful and consistent prayer would happen. As the years went by his team of intercessors grew and the whole suburb started to change – the crime dropped, the gangs left, businesses moved in and the place prospered, to such an extent that when the Queen of England visited Uganda a few years ago, she stayed in a hotel in that suburb. Uncle Laban’s story greatly inspired me and I started to see that if we could mobilise Christians across the length and breadth of our nation to start prayer-walking and setting up altars of prayer, it would not be long before prayer would be going up on every street, every block, around every school, every government building, businesses and the entrance into every suburb and town. When this happens, we can be sure that a revival, a mighty move of God, is just around the corner.

Dr Andrew Murray said, “The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.”

I would like to use this quote as the basis to pray for every Christian leader in our nation, because the possibility to mobilise the ordinary Christian to becoming a prayer warrior lies within their hands.

Let us pray: Father, we thank you that we can pray for our spiritual leaders today, every Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Dominee, and every other leadership position in the church. We pray that You would equip, empower and use them mightily to mobilise Your church to become a people of prayer. Use these leaders to inspire and motivate Your people to become involved in prayer, and to teach and train Your people to pray more effectively and accurately. Yes, Father, may a vast and mighty army of prayer warriors be raised up in our nation – prayer-walking, setting up altars of prayer, praying on-site with insight, praying the Word of God, declaring blessing over people and situations, and laying a foundation of prayer in everything they do. We ask this all in Jesus name, amen.

Daily Prayer Guide:

Father God, today we intercede for tourists who visit our nation. We bless the tourism industry. May tourists be blessed by the wonderful, colourful, joyful, friendly and warm cultures in South Africa. May they also be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ while they are in our country! We pray for peace amongst different cultures in our nation. Help us to understand, appreciate and value each other’s culture and the way we express ourselves in our nation. Help us also to truly be a rainbow nation through which You can bless other nations of the world. We pray especially a blessing on PEACEMAKERS from all cultural groups.

PRAYER-WALK/DRIVE: A tourist area near you. Ask the foreign tourists if you can pray for them and then pronounce the blessing from Num.6:24-26 over them.

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