24-7 Prayer for Revival

24-7 Prayer for Revival

29 August – 4 September



The theme of our 5th Week of 24-7 Prayer for Revival is “Nations Redeemed”. In order to see European nations return to Christ and for their spiritual descendants in Africa to fulfil their God-given purposes, we need to pray and plead for these countries to be healed, restored and become the possession of God.

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The SPEAK JESUS National Prayer Meeting is a month away! We are getting so excited to see you there. The venue will be near the intersection of the N14 and the R28 in Krugersdorp, Mogale City, Gauteng.

There will be 4 colour coded routes depending on which direction you are coming from. Find the route and the directions on our website www.angusbuchan.co.za/speak-jesus. Once you reach the GPS coordinates for your route, an usher will be pointing out the direction to the parking area.

There is a lot of information about the event on the website, including information about people with disabilities, what to bring, where to stay and pick up points for people who can’t afford transport to get there. If you want to arrive by plane, there is information regarding the Jack Taylor Airport on the website too.

Please remember that this is a FREE event, everyone is welcome, there are no tickets and there is no registration required.

See you there.