Please personalise each scripture in the context of Eskom

1. Praying for the legal rights of the snake to be removed:  Isaiah 27:1, Psalm 74:13/14

2. For Eskom future to fall into the right hands – Jeremiah 15:21, Psalm 71:4

3. Expose hidden agenda’s as to the future of Eskom – Ephesians 5: 11-14, Job 12:22

4. Simple Solutions which are currently hidden to be brought into the open – Proverbs 11:14, Daniel 2:21

5. Transition to a new order of governance -Eccl 3 – a new season for Eskom

6.  The power of the unions to have no effect on the new governing structures and business model – Psalm 40:13-14

Praying for eskom